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Pflanzgefäss, Blumentopf, August Scheerers, Keramikgefäß, terrakotta


Cultural pots

Garden ceramics




Our small pots CT & BT in a new design: six different reliefs smarten up the rim. Pimp your autumn collection now...


Upon request, our products will be treated with a water-repellent, transparent sealing. Thus, they will be permanently protected and keep their natural beauty.




What to do against efflorescence?

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Our flower pots are purely natural products and are made of clay from our area. You will find forms from 7 cm up to impressive 50 cm diametre in several designs and different decors in our thoroughly selected assortment. Our focus is the production of refined variations with several reliefs. We also manufacture according to your requirements and advise and support you with your sales! Be inspired and discover on our homepage your ideal garden ceramics...

Corporate guideline


The core of our corporate guidelines is sustainability. In order to reach our target of highest possible sustainability, we follow the triple bottom line. In our corporate activities, we want to contribute to the economic, ecologic and social progress.

Thus, we distance ourselves from pure economic profiting. We try to reduce the environmental pollution of our production and commit ourselves to our staff. We use, for example, heat recovery and return unused energy of a manufacturing step back to the production process. We proceed in a similar way with discard resulting from the production. Fair payment and informal interpersonal dealing with our staff reflect our social responsibility. The long history of our company as well as the long-term cooperation with customers, suppliers and staff confirm our conduct.

Economic progress

Social responsibility

Environmental protection


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