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Our company’s tradition reaches far back since already in the 18 th century pottery was made in our name.

The passion for this craft went through all generations and each single one contributed to the progress.

This is why we can look back to almost 300 years of experience in ceramic manufacturing. First, mainly ceramic products for the household were made. Due to the increasing demand it was decided at the beginning of the 20th century to completely switch to the production of garden ceramics.

Thanks to continuous technical developments and the consistent wish to optimize our products, we can today manufacture high-quality garden ceramics with the help of the most modern production plants. Those pots are innovative and at the same time proof of our long-lasting love for pottery.

We have always highly appreciated technical developments. They are essential for the steady improvement of our products.

Fully-automated machines geared to the needs of our company are the basis for the high quality of our final products.


All production and processing machines are computer-operated; they are programmed and optimized by our internal staff. This enables us to flexibly adjust to production modifications or last-minute orders.

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